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Ion Furjanic’s short film ‘Lalu’ starring model Deanna Ibrahim ambushes the internet, blows everyone away

SEEMINGLY appearing from nowhere, the trailer to upcoming short Lalu appeared on the internet today to strong response from the Malaysian audiences. Directed by Ion Furjanic, the film stars model Deanna Ibrahim, filmmaker Ismail Jamaludin and actors Iedil Putra and Pekin Ibrahim.

13064531_10154850568992926_8907265540297189583_oLalu tells the story of three friends on a road trip into the jungle. Their experience however is distorted by something they see far across a deserted lake.

The short film from Seeing Eye Films and KIX marks Ion’s debut venture into directing, after his extensive work in music for film. His credits include composing and sound designing for Academy Award-nominee Jesus Camp, ESPN‘s The Two Escobars and Freakonomics.

Ion founded “film experience company” KIX in 2011 to explore new ideas in filmmaking by utilising special effects, sound design, dynamic editing, handmade props, and a hard-core dedication to music to produce creative videos.

Also attached to the project is Nandita Solomon (producer of Bunohan and Interchange) as producer and actor/producer Foo Fei Ling (actor in All My Failed Attempts, producer of the Asian Film Archive‘s Fragment), who serves as assistant director.

Reaction on social media has been positive, with director Diffan Norman and actor Priya Narayanan using the hashtag #majulahfilemuntuknegara in reposts of the trailer.

Make sure to watch the trailer and join the conversation using the hashtag #lalufilm!

Follow KIX on Facebook for more details!

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