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Animasia’s dialogue-free cartoon series ‘Harry & Bunnie’ gets picked up by Disney for at least four territories!

KNOWN internationally for series such as Supa Strikas and the highly celebrated Bola Kampung, Malaysian-based production house Animasia Studio has worked on a fresh new cartoon series titled Harry & Bunnie.

Premiering yesterday on Disney Channel in Southeast Asia, the new animation comes hot on the heels of their Festival Filem Malaysia-nominated Chuck Chicken which was also worthy of Disney’s regional programming! This time, Harry & Bunnie is set to be screened across Japan, Australia, New Zealand and India through the channel.

“We have had several collaborations with Disney over the years and we anticipate Harry & Bunnie to be a success,” noted Edmund Chan, Managing Director of Animasia Studio.


Harry & Bunnie consists of 78 seven-minute episodes. Wholly created by Animasia Studios, the series is produced by Edmund and Raye Lee, and executive directed by ahLoong.

Fast-paced and riddled with slapstick humour, Harry & Bunnie has no dialogue. Aiming for universality, its makers have resorted to storytelling through action and music.

The series features Harry, a wannabe magician who often fails to impress partly due to his affinity for unfortunate situations. His stage rabbit Bunnie on the other hand always manages to grab the spotlight by mischievously trying to steal Harry’s magic wand.

Have a look at the teaser trailer on Youtube for more insight into the show.

To find out more about the series, make sure to check out and follow the team on Facebook!


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