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Who are these five #raunchywomen and what do they have to do with Shakespeare?

THE Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC) definitely knows how to grab attention. Serving up black lace, high heels, and a whole lot of attitude are these photos shot by MRBAR Photo Works for the Shakespeare’s Women camp.

From fresh damsels to practiced sirens, this upcoming project by Joe Hasham and U-En Ng promises some #raunchywomen; we were basically sold upon encountering the hashtag on promotional material.


For now, we know that all five women selected for the performance will be delivering monologues from some of William Shakespeare‘s best-known work, including Macbeth, Twelfth Night and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

However there’s a twist, if some of these actors’ Facebook feeds are anything to go by — at least one monologue is set to be delivered through the eyes of a certain first lady with big hair. And no, it’s not going to be from Romeo and Juliet.

But curiously, there will also be a string ensemble attached to the project, so expect something quite different from usual. Dramaturg and music director U-En Ng, last responsible for KLPAC‘s rather awesome Marble Hearts, will even be playing the uncommonly-seen viola da gamba as part of the ensemble.

In any case, know even more about the five femmes on top of Shakespeare next week through this quick list. We removed all the other photos we sourced from the internet because crediting and layout turned out to be a nightmare, but still, enjoy!

Dawn Cheong

Born in Kuala Lumpur but spending much of her youth in New Zealand, Dawn rose to mainstream consciousness after her turn in Cuak, which saw her garnering a Best Actress nomination at Festival Filem Malaysia ke-27.

Dawn lost out to none other than nationwide sensation Fazura in the coveted category but she still went home with a Most Promising Actress trophy. It was also her first time being nominated!


But long before that, Dawn was already turning heads on stage. She grabbed special mentions at least thrice through reviews of Masakini Theatre‘s Metamorphosis (2010), The Actors Studio‘s Macbett (2013), and George Town Festival‘s site-specific, immersive 2 Houses (2014).

Dawn also holds a Bachelor’s in Acting from Toi Whakaari, the National School Of Dance and Drama, New Zealand. But if you’d like to know more about her, best follow her on Instagram!

Hana Nadira

Confession: you have a crush on Hana. Trust us, you do, or at least you will, once you see her under the spotlight. Because that’s how we fell in love with the young actress.

Trained under Patsy Rodenburg at Michael Howard Studios, New York, you’d expect Hana to be a bit more uppity given her impressive resume. But no, she remains humble as ever and still aspires to work with as many people, whether amateurs or professionals.


Just a few months ago she explored uncharted territory in theatre as part of Anomalist Production‘s Home. Even before that, she led the cast of the Faridah Merican-directed Uda dan Dara, appeared in U-Wei Haji Saari‘s Hanyut, and graduated with a Bachelor of Music from Berklee!

In fact, there’s so much to know about Hana that it’s best if you just check out her website. Catch this one before she flies away, fellas!

Shamaine Othman

Siapa tak kenal Shamaine Othman? This gorgeous stand-up is one of the nation’s top few females in the field; from performing alongside international acts like Joanna Sio and Kristel Zweers to letting loose as part of the ever-rambunctious AIIA Improv, Shamaine has achieved a fair bit.

Coming from a particularly brilliant family — her dad is veteran director Othman Hafsham while her brother Shamyl Othman has done two excellent films — it’s no surprise that Shamaine has so much to offer local audiences.


There’s something about Shamaine which radiates warmth and innocence, right up to the point she opens her mouth during a stand-up set. The lady’s a beast, we tell you, and one that’s darn well worth watching.

You can also catch her in the highly-anticipated My Stupid Boss, in cinemas tomorrow onwards!

Christina Orow

Writer, actor and mother extraordinaire Christina is also the spouse of writer, actor and father extraordinaire Afdlin Shauki.


Continuing her comeback with her second appearance at KLPAC after a long, long hiatus from the scene (we believe her last onstage role prior to last year’s Marble Hearts was a 2007 staging of Enemy of the People!), Christina is much more adept than we at The Daily Seni could ever be when it comes to writing, as evident in her short bio.

Despite studying theatre and doing an untold number of weird and wonderful theatrical workshops where she became limber, highly aware of meta-anything, and increasingly frightened she would never learn to breathe correctly, she never studied, practiced or considered becoming an actor until she was goaded into casting for a TV role, and for money.

After that, it was one matronly sister-widow-mother role after another. Weirdly, she never gets cast as the young ingénue or androgynous malevolent…

But she’s also a fantastic actress, and you’ll have to drop by next week in order to see for yourself what the world has been missing all the while she’s been tending to her children.

Rosheen Fatima

Can you imagine a rose fairer than Rosheen? Neither can we, for this young lady has stolen the hearts of many through her appearances on stage since 2009.

Her handling of Calvin Wong‘s (not to be confused with Kelvin Wong) relationship drama Taste of Water scored her a BOH Cameronian Arts Awards nomination this year for Best Actor. But away from the stage, we admire Rosheen for her voice.


Her writings — which have appeared in ELLE Malaysia and ARTERI — touch upon issues such as rape and even history. Yes, all this on top of doing at least four years of performing arts advocacy at Time Out Kuala Lumpur before she took off as a freelancer seven years ago.

As one of theatre’s most valuable young assets at the moment, the multi-disciplinary do-it-all Rosheen is set to go far — don’t miss out on her first appearance on stage this year!

Shakespeare’s Women runs from 26 – 29 May 2016 at Pentas 2, The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC)! Tickets are priced at RM45 and RM35 (concession) and you can get them from the revamped KLPAC site! Hurry, hurry!


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