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3 Malaysian bands for Tame Impala fans

IF you’re not familiar with Tame Impala, you must either be living under a rock, or should be hit by one.

Widely regarded as the 21st century solution to Pink Floyd, this Australian psych-rock outfit founded by Kevin Parker in 2007 has soared to the highest of heights through their latest critically acclaimed LP, Currents. Although comprising five members on the stage, most people don’t realize that all the music they hear on a Tame Impala studio release is produced, written, recorded and mixed by Kevin himself — pretty amazing, right?

In light of Tame Impala’s notorious reputation of taking years to finish an album — pretty much justified since it’s all done by one guy — we thought we’d string together a little list of three Malaysian bands that may help you get through the long drought ahead.

Here are three hidden gems, or local bands for Tame Impala fans. Enjoy!


LUSTFounded in 2013, Lust put themselves on the map of the indie scene in Malaysia early on with the release of their single “Psychokillah” in 2015.

After a string of live performances, Lust hit the internet with their debut EP chingichanga two months ago. If you haven’t heard the record (limited early copies available at selected coffee joints and our one-day festival BINTANG x BULAN have all sold out) you need to hit up their Soundcloud.

Lust pride themselves in their ability to mesh the worlds of post-punk and rock with pop-influenced melodies and breakdowns. With their loud, jamming punk riffs paired with beautiful, dreamy bridges, Lust’s music and aesthetics definitely resonate with listeners of Tame Impala and are definitely a band to check out.

Remember to follow them on Facebook too!



Hailing from Subang Jaya, Enterprise is not new to the scene, having released records like “LHFT”. This indie electronica band makes music for one purpose and one purpose only: to party.

These guys believe that people come to live shows to listen to live music and get lost in the moment, and this reflects heavily in their music. Expect upbeat instrumentals and light pop infused vocals to get you grooving up and out of your seat.

The band’s last project Episode 1 was released nearly a year ago, prompted the band to go on tour doing shows throughout Malaysia. Enterprise are currently working on a brand new project, which will definitely be one to look out for!

In the meantime, check out Enterprise’s Soundcloud page for a taste of their music and follow them on Facebook!

Pastel Lite

imageLocal electro pop darlings Pastel Lite have been making a mark on the indie scene since 2012. Comprising of Eff Hakim and Mohd Faliq, the band bills itself as an experimental outfit.

The music that the duo produces is largely ambient, synth-heavy and dreamy, with Eff Hakim’s haunting vocal tone constantly demanding your attention.

Pastel Lite has toured throughout Southeast Asia on the back of their Etcetera EP which was put out almost a year ago, and the duo has even played at Laneway Festival in 2015.

If you needed anymore convincing as to why you should listen to Pastel Lite, we should probably mention that the band opened for Tame Impala just three weeks ago, when the Australian band graced our shores for annual arts festival Urbanscapes.

Pastel Lite’s Etcetera EP is available for download on iTunes and you can also stream it here! Also follow them on Facebook!

Check the music out and let us know if we’ve missed out any other local bands in the comments section!

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