Singaporean wunderkind Gentle Bones back for dominance with new single “Geniuses and Thieves”

ONCE deemed Singapore’s answer to Ed SheeranGentle Bones is no longer a newcomer in the music industry. Launching his career back in 2011, the singer-songwriter propelled to fame with his 2014 self-titled debut EP which featured tracks like “Until We Die”  (690,000 views on Youtube and counting), “Save Me”, and “Elusive”.

All three rotated through the number one spot on iTunes in its country of release; “Until We Die” in particular was named Singapore’s track of the year on music streaming service Spotify.

In 2015, Gentle Bones was commissioned to soundtrack historical Singaporean film 1965, for which he created “Sixty Five”. The song impressively garnered him his fourth iTunes chart-topped in the short span of two years.

As 2016 rang in, the young artiste announced his brand new project upon signing a major label deal with Universal Music Singapore on top of a two-day concert at the Esplanade Theatre. But two weeks ago, he unleashed his new lead single “Geniuses and Thieves”.

On his latest release, Gentle Bones steps into electronic territory. Produced by Josh Wei and FlightSch and written by Bones himself, “Geniuses and Thieves” marks a bold shift in direction for the young singer-songwriter. On top of giving his once-familiar vocals a newer, darker edge reminiscent of The Weeknd, the record also features production powered by punchy synths and heavy 808s.

“Geniuses and Thieves” urges listeners to give in to the unending urge to succeed, and to take over what is rightfully theirs. “This will soon be over, it’ll be our paradise next”, promises Gentle Bones on his latest cut.

Accompanying the single is a music video equally as dark and brooding, shot in and around Singapore city. Watch out for some pretty trippy editing as you follow Bones through his night prowl on the streets and in dimly lit hotel rooms.

Showcasing lyrical maturity, Gentle Bones seems to have come of age in the past two years despite being a mere 21 years old. Judging from his latest venture, it wouldn’t be far off to claim that the young man has found an edgier sound without losing any of the prepubescent longing that shines through his trademark falsetto.

With a powerful single and a string of performances coming up (as well as a spot in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Asia), keep an ear out for Gentle Bones and don’t be surprised when his music reaches our airwaves.

Be sure to purchase “Geniuses and Thieves” on iTunes or stream it on Spotify here!

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