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Chart Chat: ‘Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2’ crosses RM1.7 million during debut weekend!

IN a week led by the explosive performance of Captain America: Civil War, Indonesian romantic-drama Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2 is first runner-up last weekend with an estimated RM1.7 million from 104 screens.

The sequel to 2002’s Ada Apa Dengan Cinta hit the RM2 million mark as of this week and is set to go further, proving that a 14-year gap wasn’t enough to stop Malaysians from flocking cinemas to watch Cinta (Dian Sastrowardoyo) and Rangga (Nicolas Saputra) reunite as adults.

Produced and directed by Riri Riza, the film attracted over 1 million viewers over the past weekend in its home country of Indonesia. Despite a change in director, the film retains most of its original cast members, including actors Adinia Wirasti, Sissy Priscilla and Titi Kamal.


However, Captain America: Civil War was the big winner of the week, breaking past RM20,000,000 in its first weekend in local cinemas — bear in mind that this is more than any local movie has made, ever. The film is a serious contender for the year’s #1 box office film, having already bested The Jungle Book‘s stellar performance (RM21.1 million after four weeks) as of Monday, and is set to go very far.

Elsewhere on the chart, Singaporean film Long Long Time Ago (#20) lasts for the fifth week on just five screens, with somewhere over RM12,000. To date however it has collected approximately RM1.4 million from Malaysian screens and over RM8 million from Singapore.

Four local films add Malaysian flavour to the chart, namely Perjanjian Syaitan (#12, RM41,000),  Redha (#15, RM23,000), Lu Mafia Gua Gangster (#21, RM12,000) and The Kid From The Big Apple (#22, RM9,000). Notably, Redha has surpassed the RM500,000 mark while The Kid From The Big Apple ends its run this week with an estimated RM5.7 million.

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