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Fans of actor Bront Palarae latest targets of “Miracle pill” hoax

A supplement brand claiming itself to function similarly to the infamous pill from Limitless began using the name and face of Malaysian actor Bront Palarae in a new hoax targeted at less-discerning netizens.

Utilising a fake CNN page, so-called brain-booster BrainPlus IQ claims to be “viagra for the brain”.

When asked about his incredible drive and focus, Bront Palarae left the interviewer speechless. Although he has always been known as an actor keen on enhancing his mental capabilities, he admitted that his “unbeatable work ethic and creativity” were supported by a brain enhancing pill. “It doesn’t just give me more energy and mental clarity; it literally zaps me into the zone at any given time without getting stressed or irritated.” […]

BrainPlus IQ

Bront clarified earlier today that he was not affiliated with the brand and hoped that his fans and followers keep themselves away from scams and malware. The Ola Bola actor recently became a father after welcoming a newborn into his family last Thursday.

The scam uses Bront to promote its products.

Initially amused by the scam, he soon grew distressed when friends and family began contacting him about the supplement.

“At first it was funny,” he stated on the phone, “but then it became worrying once more and more people started calling me to ask about the scam.”

“If anyone comes across it, I urge they leave it alone. I don’t want anyone’s security, whether online or offline, compromised in the process.”

This is not the first time a self-proclaimed miracle supplement has used deceptive tactics to score attention but Malaysian personalities are rarely ever used in these hoaxes.

Bront’s growing recognition in the regional film and television scene may have led to the brand exploiting his fame — the actor was last seen playing a pivotal role in HBO Asia miniseries Halfworlds and will next appear in Upi Avianto‘s My Stupid Boss as well as Headshot by the Mo Brothers.


The massive success of films such as Neil Burger‘s thriller Limitless and Luc Besson‘s Lucy however have reinforced public interest for cognitive enhancers (also known as nootropics) which improve human mental ability.

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