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Listened to Elizabeth Tan’s Sleek English-Language Debut Yet?

MALAYSIAN chanteuse Elizabeth Tan‘s first proper English-language single is out, and it’s a neatly-crafted electronic tune called “Are You Leaving Now”. The singer, who previously rose to fame with enduring pop single “Knock Knock“, released a music video to her latest single last month.

“Are You Leaving Now” is a smart electro-pop track in the vein of Justin Bieber‘s 2015 game-changer, Purpose. Composed by Audi Mok with lyrics penned by the artist herself, it’s Elizabeth’s third major release since signing to Paranormal Records, which also houses Ayda Jebat and Liyana Jasmay among other notable Malaysian acts.

With this latest release, the singer tempts listeners to “let go” and follow her to a better place. “There’s a world that’s looking over you, will you trust me to show you a way,” Elizabeth sings in her trademark coy and breathy style.

The music video was shot in Sydney last November and features the singer in scenic locations interspersed with candid moments. Sponsored by Destination New South Wales, Air Asia X and Forever 21, the video has Elizabeth interacting with an emu, visiting the Sydney Opera House and generally being a tourist in Australia.

Elizabeth made local history when she became the first artist to win at Anugerah Planet Muzik and the MET10 Awards before officially releasing an album.

After juggernaut of a pop track “Knock Knock“, which scored an Anugerah Juara Lagu nomination and prompted a particularly strong response from listeners…


…the young artist put out pop ballad “Setia”, a duet with Faizal Tahir which cemented her position as a serious contender for Malaysian pop dominance.

Plans for Elizabeth’s entry into the English-language market initially seemed years away according to early interviews. However, the singer released the track on streaming platforms Deezer and Spotify in February to the surprise of fans.

Make sure to get “Are You Leaving Now” on iTunes and follow Elizabeth Tan on Facebook!

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