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Climbing Up The Arts Ladder With One-Stop Information Portal ARTERI

MALAYSIAN creatives have had it pretty tough. It’s 2016, our counterparts in Singapore and Thailand are flourishing, but local public funding is still limited, restraining many artists from fully-immersing themselves in the arts ecosystem.

12901142_10154081581014306_5861132303297349968_oPreventing growth however is the information problem. Artists commonly persevere through messy research phases as a result of disorganised vital information.

If you’re an interested, young creative who’s tried staging a performance, you’ll know the nightmare. It can be a constant chase for knowledge which demands summoning your wider network of acquaintances on top of long, fruitless google searches.

Worst case scenario, you run out of avenues to ask and things fall through. Much creativity end up buried in time due to these voids, for the longest time unaddressed with enough gusto.

But after lengthy brainstorming sessions in a particularly busy year, privately-owned arts agency My Performing Arts Agency (MyPAA) has finally launched their one-stop information portal for the arts.

ARTERI, an online strategic platform aimed at addressing gaps in the current creative ecosystem, has gone online as of today. The website is still in early stages but its creators promise more content which will ease the lives of local creatives.

Want to know how to fund a production? ARTERI’s got it. Want information on residencies and mentorship? All covered. Factsheets on policies and corporate tax exemption to encourage more investment in the arts? Fret not, there are plenty.


Also notable are listings of performance spaces around the country — one of many nuggets available on the site is Jabatan Kebudayaan dan Kesenian Negara (JKKN)‘s directory for public spaces, which comes complete with capacity, rates, layouts and other highly useful information.

There will literally be quite a bit going on there (coming soon are audition calls and budget sheet templates) so best check it out soon!

“The growth of the arts is hindered due to the three major group of stakeholders — public, private and arts industry — in Malaysia’s arts ecosystem which are working in silos, resulting in the lack of dialogue and collaboration between these three sectors to collectively build an environment conducive for the arts,” explained MyPAA’s Izan Satrina Mohd Sallehuddin.

According to Izan, ARTERI will be the “digital artery” of the performing arts industry, providing access, facilitating and enabling communities while increasing their opportunities to reach their potential.

Part of this involves empowering local creatives with knowledge, as evident on the content available on the platform.


It’s not all just work on the site however, ARTERI also aims to score interviews and features to give visitors better understanding of their environment.

Led by the witty and vivacious Amy de Kanter — a regular at the theatre you surely must have bumped into at some point in your performing arts journey — ARTERI has some of the warmest writing you’ll find on something of this scale and ambition.

This site is for you. Yes, for you. And you. And you, and you, and you, you, and you. Whether you are a performer, producer, creator, technician, teacher, student or fan, Arteri is about building a community around what unites us all – our love for the performing arts. So if Arteri isn’t working hard enough for you, let us know.

How ARTERI Keeps The Arts Heart Beating

Amy, fresh off eighteen years of publishing, marketing, advertising and business development, will be taking care of ARTERI as chief editor.

Having written for newspapers, magazines, coffee table books, journals and websites among many other mediums, she endeavours to “help artists continue doing what they love to do”.

ID Popup Classes 5 KristopherThe platform was built in collaboration with Khazanah Nasional’s corporate responsibility arm Yayasan Hasanah. The foundation has been especially keen on empowering communities and ARTERI leans on Yayasan Hasanah’s arts, culture and heritage pillar.

But especially exciting are the pop-up classes to be held from 15 – 17 April at Galeri Petronas in conjunction with the launch. Featuring niche yet essential subject matters ranging from stage management to cultural funding and art festival administration, these classes serve writers, artists and members of the corporate sector.

Created in collaboration with local and international creative professionals, ARTERI Pop-Up Classes is sign that ARTERI won’t just rely on the internet in its pursuit of developing more Malaysian leaders in the arts.

So if you ever wanted to leave your dead-end writing job and become Malaysia’s most-feared art critic, now’s your chance!

Entry fees are unbelievable too: getting your professional self into every class across the three-day period costs only RM80 flat. Alternatively, attend half a day for just RM30 or go for a full, single day for RM50. Students pay far less, so don’t forget to create that fake student card next time you visit Bangkok.

Grey Yeoh‘s exclusive The Assembly of Art Festival Administrators session is free, although you’ll need to go through a pre-selection process.

schedule Big Size (2)

We’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking. In the meantime, make sure to check out ARTERI, guys!

For more information such as rates and schedules on ARTERI Pop-Up Classes, check out Facebook or call +603 6207 9566. To secure a spot in in the classes, register at and make payment to My Performing Arts Agency Sdn Bhd (CIMB : 8001749849), then email proof of payment to or Don’t forget to follow ARTERI on Facebook too!

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