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Pictures: Sherry Al-Hadad Also Star In Tokyo’s High-Profile Omnibus

LAST month, Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) debuted news on Asian Three-Fold Mirror, the cross-regional film omnibus set to feature Malaysian actress Sharifah Amani in a segment directed by Isao Yukisada.

In Penang this week, Amani was seen filming in Lebuh Carnarvon, George Town with popular host and fellow actress Sherry Al-Hadad, confirming the latter’s involvement. Both play the characters Yasmin and Rohani respectively in an arc titled Pigeon.


Amani and Sherry also currently star in Megat Sharizal‘s TV3 romance drama Cinta 100kg.

Sherry is an actor who made a name for herself on the stage, thanks to an appearance in Khairunazwan Rodzy’s Pokok Kelapa Sayang which garnered her a BOH Cameronian Arts Award for Best Supporting Actress. Since then, she’s been one of the current most popular personalities on Malay-language television on top of also having appeared on film.

In a posting on Instagram, Amani revealed that her character was initially named Orked, but was changed to Yasmin upon Amani’s choice after the production team decided their initial choice veered too close to Yasmin Ahmad‘s Sepet. It is also known that Amani’s character speaks in Japanese.


According to veteran Japanese actor Masahiko Tsugawa who stars in the piece, the film depicts the differences in the ways a “pigeon” and an old man live their lives, with the man eventually entrusting everything to the pigeon.

Director Isao Yukisada is one of Japan’s better-known filmmakers, having directed a number of critically-acclaimed films (Go, Parade, Pink & Gray). Creating segments alongside him in Asian Three-Fold Mirror are celebrated Filipino director Brillante Mendoza and  Cambodia’s Sotho Kulikar.


Shooting for the project ends this month, with post-production due to follow at Imagica SEA in Malaysia. The omnibus will world  premiere at the 29th Tokyo International Film Festival before it is taken on the festival circuit.

Make sure to follow the Tokyo International Film Festival for more details! This year’s edition will take place from 25 October to 3 November. All photos obtained sourced from Sherry Al-Hadad and Sharifah Amani’s Instagram accounts.

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