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Jom Kahwin: A Wife Will Make Everything Better

EXCLUSIVE on HyppTV at the moment is television drama Jom Kahwin which started airing earlier in the month. As the latest addition to the IPTV’s repertoire to draw in viewers, the Filmscape production presents a rather quirky story set on a Malaysian farm.

Directed by acclaimed Malaysian filmmaker Kabir Bhatia and Norhanisham Muhamad, Jom Kahwin revolves around a band of brothers who lose their parents in a tsunami when they were wee little children.

jom kahwin3Adam (Keith Foo), the eldest of four children, runs a farm in a kampung while simultaneously fending for his brothers who have all left school to help out on the farm. Having grown up with the animals, these three young men — Chad, Baim and Daniel — aren’t the most well-mannered.

To switch things up and bring change to the farm, Adam decides to venture into the city and scout for a potential bride who can also serve as an “elder sister” for his brothers and become the “ideal” housewife, whatever the latter means.

Yes, in this new series, a farmer looks for a woman to bring into his territory in order to be a role model for his family and serve him as wife.

While there are just so many things  which sound wrong with Jom Kahwin‘s premise on first listen, the series itself is an amusing watch if only for its humor.

According to director Kabir Bhatia, the series was inspired by many films from many genres, citing Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

Reen Rahim, who plays Adam’s love interest, described her character as a very cruel and selfish woman. In comparison, Keith Foo — twice-casted as an arrogant rich man within six months of a film career — takes on quite the opposite role.

Jom Kahwin plays on HyppSensasi HD (Channel 116) every Friday at 9:00pm, but it’s worth noting that the channel possesses a time-shift function which allows rewinding of up to two hours, as well as a seven-day catch-up function for those who missed any moments on the farm.

HyppSensasi HD is available for only RM9 a month or as part of HyppTV’s Aneka Pack which retails for RM30 a month.

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