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Industry Associations Deem CCIG “Ineffective” and “Confusing”, Lobbies for FINAS to Take Serious Action

KUALA LUMPUR, 24 March — Persatuan Penulis Lakon Layar Kuala Lumpur dan Selangor (PENULIS) has joined Persatuan Karyawan Malaysia (KARYAWAN) in an effort to get the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) to investigate the Creative Content Industry Guild Malaysia (CCIG).

Claiming that CCIG has misled Malaysian creatives and wasted taxpayer money, PENULIS president Alfie Palermo yesterday admonished the guild in a public posting on Facebook.

Semenjak 5 tahun penubuhannya, CCIG langsung tidak menjalankan sebarang usaha untuk memelihara kebajikan kami Penulis Skrip (dan Pekerja Filem), biarpun nama penuhnya bermaksud Kesatuan Industri Kandungan Kreatif Malaysia (sekali lagi diulang: Kesatuan).

Namun PENULIS mengutuk sekeras-kerasnya penggunaan istilah KESATUAN kerana tidak ada satu pun kerja ‘Kesatuan’ yang dilakukan oleh CCIG semenjak kewujudannya. Malah berjuta ringgit wang kerajaan Malaysia telah diibazirkan begitu sahaja.

PENULIS menyarankan agar FINAS Malaysia serta pihak Kementerian Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia, KKMM, mengambil tindakan segera bagi menyiasat CCIG dengan dan membela hak kami penulis skrip yang langsung tidak dibela oleh CCIG.

— Alfie Palermo

Both PENULIS and KARYAWAN are also against the guild for utilising government funding but not delivering results in line with its role as a professional industry association.

Last November, KARYAWAN president Freddie Fernandez stated that CCIG has failed to function and should be reevaluated by authorities. He chastised the guild for not having launched any initiatives to draw in members nor provide information on its operations and benefits to members.

Sebagai satu badan yang sudah menerima berjuta-juta ringgit daripada kerajaan untuk menampung kos operasinya, mereka seharusnya mengadakan kempen untuk menerangkan kepada penggiat industri tentang operasinya, cara menjalankan akreditasi dan apakah faedah untuk mendapatkan akreditasi daripada mereka.

— Freddie Fernandez, Kafebuzz

This comes as another hit to CCIG, which earlier this month was addressed by minister Salleh Tun Said Keruak during his visit to Sabah. Attending the guild’s Retreat Program at Hotel Promenade, Kota Kinabalu, Salleh called on the guild to carry out its function as an accreditation body more effectively and professionally.

The guild last year undertook several activities including arts fair Gegar Anak Seni (#GASSENI) at the Putra World Trade Centre which saw participation from deputy prime minister Zahid Hamidi.

CCIG also made headlines in January when it handed out 236 creative professional certificates to professionals working behind-the-scenes.

The guild was first established in 2011 to act as the industry’s “central certification body for practitioners in their respective specialisations”. It was initiated by the government to enhance human capital in the creative industry, and is currently chaired by television director and producer Jurey Latiff Rosli.

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Has CCIG fulfilled its role to the industry?
Yes, and it should continue operations.
No, it just needs a bit more time to figure things out.
No, we should stop wasting money given our economy.
What is CCIG’s role again?

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