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Get Excited, Pitahati’s Nusantara Psychedelic Rock Has Developed Even Further

AFTER the revolutionizing breakthrough of Fonetik Anak Candal three years ago, Pitahati once again invites you to listen and be intrigued by their sophomore release Selamat Datang Ke Panggung Suara.

Some will find it incomprehensible, estranged — or even claim that the record goes against the band’s nature — but Pitahati has never been one to cater to casual intelligence. Since their 2013 debut,  they’ve challenged the limit, pushing themselves all the while welcoming experimentation.

The quintet comprising band members Ilham (vocal, guitar), Zahar (guitar, effects), Hidayat (guitar, synth), Masrin (bass) and Yasin (drums) drew inspiration and motive from their 2014 effort “Sahabat”, which underlined the score for award-winning local film Terbaik Dari Langit. The popular track went on to shape the lyrical concept and musical direction for this latest opus.

Frontman Ilham explained during a special listening session that material on the new album have been live tracked in a specially modified room; the innovative move contributed to the record’s year-long production.

Setiap bahagian dirakam secara serentak, bukannya trek per trek seperti kebiasaan rakaman studio. Ianya agak leceh dan tetapi kami akhirnya berjaya dapatkan bunyi yang kami mahukan.

Selamat Datang Ke Panggung Suara sure does live up to its title — the band’s nusantara rock progression, psychedelic roots and avant-garde anthems are all present on the new record. Here however, those qualities have been assembled into a symphony; expect theatrical splashes on a musical canvas.

The album will be published by Luncai Emas and has officially been released on limited 180-gram 12″ vinyl on 22 February 2016. CD copies and digital purchase on iTunes are expected to be out soon.

Follow Pitahati on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page for more updates! And keep an eye out for an exclusive interview with the band, coming up here soon!

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