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Singaporean Musician and Malaysian Artist Reunite For Follow-Up To Popular Single “Rilek Brader”

SINGAPOREAN musician and 2001 Anugerah Planet Muzik (APM) winner Art Fazil obtained help from local cartoonist, comedian and actor Imuda once again in “Orang Baik Baik”.

After the success from their previous single “Rilek Brader“, the duo try to strike a chord with another catchy, repetitive tune impossible to forget after one listen.

Tacking blues onto a chugging electronic beat which pummels on and on while Imuda gets on harmonica duty, “Orang Baik Baik” is one of the more unusual offerings we’ve seen from the Singaporean Malay music scene.

The video features different non-governmental organisations such as Red Bubbles, which sends clown doctors to cheer up sick kids in hospitals, and Region of Love, which works with the urban poor particularly around Chow Kit Road.

We wager this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but hey, worth giving it a shot!

“Orang Baik Baik” is natural progression for Malaysian national Imuda, whose last musical release “Blues Nasi Kandar” was a comedy song and tribute to nasi kandar done in the style of American blues.

Imuda is best known for his work with Othman Hafsham, particularly on Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu, and his career in film. Aside from being a prominent cartoonist, he was also a contestant on Maharaja Lawak Mega in 2011.

Art Fazil meanwhile has been active since the 90s, but rose to prominence when he put out his solo Malay-language album Nur in 2001. The album spawned the hit single “Merindu Kepastian” and took home major awards at that year’s APM.

We’re huge fans of his song “Melayu Di Kota Inggeris”, an anthem created for all those Malay students away from home.

In this wistful, rancak track, he sings about missing the best things in life such as “gadis Melayu”, “pisang goreng”, and “sambal tumis”, fearful of the blue-eyed girls of the region.

Both Art and Imuda struck gold three years ago when their collaboration “Rilek Brader” charted in Singapore and scored over one million views on Youtube. They also released a revised version to coincide with Hari Raya, titled “Rilek Raya“.

Make sure to check out more of Art Fazil and Imuda’s current music from Moro Records!

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