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We Think We’ve Got A “Crush” On Yuna and Usher

THOSE underwhelmed by the nostalgic, urban sigh of “Places To Go” rejoice: polite Malaysian popstar Yuna has finally got that much-anticipated duet with Usher out and it’s called “Crush”.

In the new song, Yuna relaxes against a backdrop of ambient guitars, underscored by an almost languid snare drum. Produced by Grammy-nominated duo Fisticuffs, the pop/r’n’b concoction sounds like a smash hit.

Utilising heavy repetition cleverly, it’s a gorgeously-written slow-burner featuring strong melody lines and subdued vocal performances.

“Crush” premiered on 26 February via Apple Music and was put on her Youtube page last Monday. The sexy song also leaked in full several days prior to the upload, further cementing Yuna’s presence on bedroom playlists everywhere!

Most exciting perhaps is the fact that the song has been circulating around the net, particularly on American hip-hop/rap blogs, and reviews have been largely positive thus far.

A minimalist, slow jam which sounds inspired from an old Prince & The New Power Generation session, Yuna and Usher trade verses about an adult puppy love that’s infallibly impossible to dislike.


“Crush” has been the second official track unveiled from Yuna’s upcoming studio album, Chapters. The 10-track release also includes a collaboration with US R&B star Jhene Aiko among other interesting titles.

Make sure to get the song on iTunes soon, because Chapters won’t be out for at least another two months, folks!

Which song do you prefer?

“Places To Go” vs “Crush”!
“Places To Go”

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Make smoother moves by getting “Crush” on your phones and laptops now. And also don’t forget to pre-order Chapters (Deluxe) on iTunes.

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