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Ever Wanted to Know What E!’s Fashion Police has to Say about Fazura and Didie Alias?

LOCAL television presenter and household name Aznil Nawawi last month dropped by Los Angeles and had a sit down with none other than E! News co-anchor Giuliana Rancic. Simply because he’s that fabulous.

Soon however, Astro subscribers will get the exclusive chance to catch PakNil Goes To Hollywood and see what exactly Aznil and Giuliana got up to stateside. Airing on March 14, the television special has Aznil querying for Giuliana’s opinion on Malaysian red carpet looks.

Currently the longest-serving host on E!’s highly-popular Fashion Police, Giuliana puts her five years of experience living and breathing the red carpet to the test in PakNil Goes To Hollywood — we have word that Didie Alias is one of few personalities warranting Giuliana’s comments.

Yes, not even Malaysia’s own version of Lady Gaga nor Fazura will be spared Giuliana’s “honest, unbiased impressions” in this special collaboration between E! and Astro.

Hunny Madu, Fazura, Pak Nil and Didie Alias

The 30-minute special is meant to give viewers more in-depth celebrity access, but also marks one of few, rare events in which local celebrities have managed to get onto an American television network for non-political and non-criminal reasons.

Among entries in the annals of Malaysian television personalities include Paula Malai Ali‘s appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show, which garnered some amount of backlash from locals after grossly misrepresenting the average Malaysian woman.

After claiming that women in Malaysia have “enough spare change for a pair of must-have Jimmy Choo‘s” at the end of the month, she was heavily criticised by many, but has since clarified that she was speaking on her own behalf during the segment.

Still, how many of you also know that international award-winning Malaysian-born comedian Ronny Chieng is up there on Comedy Central every day doing The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, actually with Trevor Noah himself?


Our dear Ronny was even nice enough to stop by on our shores last year, bringing over his sold-out Chieng Reaction tour with him. Missed it? Don’t worry: it’s on Comedy Central every other week. That’s how big our Ronny has become, readers.

But we digress.

PakNil Goes To Hollywood comes after 2015’s Selfie PakNil Di LA which scored big on ratings, social media engagement, and also took home gold for Best Media Solution at the Spark Awards for Media Excellence. Aznil’s last took over the internet when Astro Hlive! special Terlajak Puteh Nampak? went viral on social media.

Make sure to share your two cents by using #PakNilGoesToHollywood on social media!

PakNil Goes To Hollywood premieres Monday, 14 March 2016 at 10.00pm, exclusively on E! (Astro Channel 712). Encores are scheduled on Wednesday, 16 March 2016 at 10.30pm and Tuesday, 22 March 2016 at 5.35pm.

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