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Goh Kwee Yew’s ‘Left’ Incites Strong Reaction

“Caring for mother became too much trouble, so they sent her away.”

CURRENTLY on video platform Viddsee is Left, which tells the tale of a mother and her son, accompanied by his wife, upon their return to their hometown.

Left opens with a mother reminiscing of old times, cleaning her jewellery and looking at old sepia toned photos. She does this while having rustic old music blasting from an old radio she has in the background.

But before long, the 6-minute short by Goh Kwee Yew brings forth a rally of questions.

How can a young woman despise her mother-in-law so much? Why is a single piece of sausage and two sheets of lettuce considered a meal in this household? Why didn’t the mom get out of the car when they got to the old folks home?

Watch the film and you might understand what we’re talking about.

The average movie watcher would probably tear up, but lots of people aren’t just average movie watchers.

We say this because in the comments section of the video that was posted on Facebook, a number of arguments were brought forth regarding the film’s storyline and characters. Left has provoked many viewers to share their two cents.

Here are some of the comments on the video.

comment 1 comment 2 comment 3 comment 4 comment 5

Whatever people say, we think it’s great when a movie sparks an exchange of opinions like this.

Now perhaps you’d like to share yours?

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