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Ayda Jebat’s New Single “Pencuri Hati” Is Set To Explode!

DANGDUT is set to make a return to mainstream radio after this latest entry by one of the nation’s most beloved television actresses.

Ayda Jebat‘s official second single release, “Pencuri Hati” is a mash of many pop styles local and international. Displaying nods to styles from trap to K-Pop, the straightforward pop confection features stuttering, bilingual lyrics.

“Come on baby say you love me, say you love me,” Ayda sings in between compliments for a lover.

Serving as theme song for currently popular drama series Isteri VS Tunang, “Pencuri Hati” has started making its ascent into public consciousness. At the moment, it holds a total of over 700,000 combined views from studio and live recordings on Youtube.

Reminiscent of the exciting, nostalgic pop labelmate Elizabeth Tan promised in “Knock Knock” before she began chasing hits with Faizal Tahir, Ayda Jebat’s music is downright enjoyable.

With “Pencuri Hati”, Ayda suggests that she may have more tricks up her sleeve than we’ve been led to believe.

Yes, “Siapa Diriku” may have seemed overly-inspired by US pop princess Meghan Trainor, but a quick search through Youtube reveals this aspiring popstar’s hardworking, quirky nature.

As one of Paranormal‘s most successful signees thus far, Ayda once even sang in Mandarin during her duet with Alvin Chong on “Fairytale”. Elsewhere, she also provided vocals on the re-recording of Sheila Majid’s “Sinaran” from Osman Ali‘s recent film of the same title.

“Please don’t hate me,” she pleads as the song reaches its end. Ayda can put such fears to rest — we’re already in love with the petite artiste.

Follow Ayda on Instagram and her Facebook fan page for all the latest updates!

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