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Dismaland, The Place All Your Dreams Go To Die

PERMANENTLY shut a mere 36 days after opening its doors, Dismaland had a short but illustrious existence.

The British theme park was so popular even Brad Pitt, Russell Brand and Jack Black dropped by for some of its twisted representations of famous fairytales.

11933402_1048487468503731_2560461777786961920_nConstructed secretly in Somerset, England last year, Dismaland is actually a large-scale art installation by internationally-renowned street artist Banksy.

Yes, this is the very same Banksy who once sought out Paris Hilton‘s debut record at the shops just so he can replace the CDs with his own remixes (which boast titles such as “Why am I Famous?”).

The entire place went into business on 21 August 2015, funded by Banksy himself.

Works from 58 artists were featured, artists Banksy deemed the “best he could imagine”. Some artists brought back previously shown works, while some came up with new pieces.

Dismaland is pretty much a post-apocalyptic version of Disneyland — in one side of the park, Cinderella is depicted slumped over with her carriage window as a gaggle of paparazzi go crazy from one side; lurking on the merry-go-round is a butcher stringing up horses for lasagna meat.

These aren’t simply throwaway references. Look deeper and be rewarded with some cutting commentary on contemporary society.

In an interview with Juxtapoz Magazine, Banksy explained that his brief for the artists was “to embrace or attack any part of the light entertainment industry you’ve ever been sold or let down by”.

Describing the place as a “family theme park unsuitable for children”, he created ten new works for the pop-up-exhibition.

Entry to the theme park was £3 and limited to 4,000 admissions per day.

Dismaland closed permanently on 27 September 2015, and its contents and crew members were channeled towards creating housing for the less fortunate.











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