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You Have One Week To Crowdfund This Short Film Project By An Award-Winning Local Actor In New York

FROM fooling around on television with the Disko Baldi gang to giving a BOH Cameronian Arts Award-winning performance in an Alfi’an Saat play, Farah Rani did quite a bit before she went off to study in New York several semesters ago.

The young actor will be back to take on the Malaysian entertainment scene again very soon, but she has one last thing to do stateside.

Farah is currently crowdfunding for We See Blue, a short film she plans to direct, produce and act alongside friend Christian Paxton. The film seeks to tell the story of two vastly-different women who share a unique bond, but from the unique eyes of two female directors.

Stories of relationships told in sequence have a trajectory, a path. But to reflect the unmoving, constant space of the roof, we are taking that path and segmenting it into moments and laying those moments out before you—think of it like breaking apart a jigsaw puzzle and laying the pieces out on a table. We want to showcase the nature of this relationship, more so than the evolution of it.

Requesting a humble sum of USD$5,000 (RM20,853.50) to cover the entire cost of filming, the campaign on Indiegogo has since collected USD$2293 (RM9563.42) after 7 days online.

Prior to leaving for New York, Farah Rani was an active member of Projek Disko Baldi.

The amusing copy on the crowdfunding page reads with manic energy and is definitely worth checking out for a giggle.

Moreover, our film is a story ABOUT young, independent, ambitious women. And although it is inferred that significant others exist, not once in our story do these characters have a conversation about men, dating men, or winning over a man’s heart. Basically, our film passes the Bechdel test with flying colors!

But fellas, don’t think we’re leaving you in the dust here. Haven’t you been dying to see how women really interact with their friends? You can thank us for all of the intel later.

What we want you to do is think of all the good times you had with Farah — remember that time she made you laugh during AIIA Improv, or when her appearance in Liew Seng Tat‘s Flower In The Pocket got you to smile? It’s time to give back, fellas.

We’ll let the girls do the rest of the talking.

Make ‘We See Blue’ happen by funding the project on Indiegogo!

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