KL People Get Real In Astro Awani’s ‘Orang KL’

ASTRO Awani‘s Orang KL radiates the eerie feeling of heartbreak and hope the city seems to possess.

Truly a haven and a refuge for many people from different walks of life, Kuala Lumpur is a home to many — some reside in the city’s sky-scraping service apartments while some take comfort in its bustling bus stops.

Like any major city, her residents come from corners both near and far. All come in search of something. Some come to build a new life. Some come to chase their dreams.

Orang KL is a collection of life experiences, showing how a city shapes and colours the lives of its residents. Hopefully, these shapes and colours may also provide a surface for one’s own self-reflection.

Orang KL is really just a poetic story-telling session accompanied by visuals which play as important a part in the process. Composed of a series of interviews with regular KL folks, the collection of fifteen stories will give readers a better understanding of other people’s perception.

Check these stories out to get a better idea of what we mean. Start by clicking on any of these pictures to get redirected to the full story!

i'll never give up on kl

“I faced many obstacles such as having to spend some nights in a surau with my kids because I had no roof over my head and being cheated, until I found a stable job. Although the salary is nothing much to shout about, only God knows my gratitude.”

kuala lumpur makes no promises

“I sold tapai to get through school. Tapai was 5 sen per serving back then, now its RM1.50. What can you do, times change.”

no city for lazy people

“Those who come to KL should come here with a purpose. For those boys, especially from the villages, what is your intention when you come to KL? If it is to work, then work hard.”

nobody knows when youre down and out

“In the morning, I’m going to be like “hihihi” like a clown. In front of people, you will be very happy but inside you are actually sad. Just like Shakespeare, you are struggling to hide your tears.”

here everyone is happy

“The first few months my friends and I got here, every single chance we got, we went to the beach. Almost a few dozen times just in 4 months. We were so happy. Life was so enjoyable at that time. Now all of us only spend time working. Same like everyone else in KL.”

school of hard knocks

“I am interested in the arts – singing, acting. Initially I wanted to be a scientist… my childhood dream! But I wasn’t good in school, and I realised that my talents were more inclined towards the arts.”

the cycle of life

“I felt like when I take the motorcycle, I might jeopardize other people’s safety. So in the end I decided to just ride a bicycle.”

welcome to the jungle

“But when the time comes, I believe they will return to their ancestral land. This is part of our journey.”

Perhaps in these interviews and portraits, you’ll find yourself and your story. Make sure to look up more on Orang KL.

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