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Come With Us To ‘Bicara Titian Budaya’?

If you enjoyed regional arts conference Borak Arts Series back in August, you’re in for another treat: the same folks behind that have helped put together creative forum Bicara Titian Budaya which happens in less than two weeks.

Commemorating fifty years of Malaysia-Singapore ties, Bicara Titian Budaya is a one-day event happening next Saturday featuring notable individuals in the arts coming together for a series of talks, performances and screenings.

It’s a highlight of this year’s Titian Budaya — an orchestration of events over a three-month period which ties in with Malaysia and Singapore’s 50 years of tolerance. Launched at Publika last month, Titian Budaya is akin to an arts and culture festival celebrating art from two countries.

Much of Titian Budaya is happening in Publika right now.

5adf6469-8b41-49a7-bf26-c90db621acd4That’s right: you’ve been missing out on free live gigs, free movie screenings (which includes popular Singaporean film I Not Stupid) and free entry to a specially-curated exhibition featuring critically-acclaimed visual artists from both countries.

Everything we like about Singapore and everything they like about us has been neatly put together on the nicer side of Publika at zero cost, and much of it is still up at least until mid-December!

Bicara Titian Budaya meanwhile takes place in Black Box, Publika: be this close to Jo Kukathas for free! Registration is required, but can be done via Eventbrite.

There’ll be quite a bit of calibre in attendance — aside from Jo, speakers include Alvin Tan of The Necessary Stage, Claire Wong of Checkpoint Theatre, documentary filmmaker Norhayati Kaprawi, Singaporean poet and critic Gwee Li Sui, as well as Kenneth Kwok, who directs both the Arts & Youth and Strategic Planning departments at the National Arts Council of Singapore.

Saturday’s programme consists of three panel discussions, screenings of two winners from this year’s Singapore Heritage Short Film Competition, and a performance of the 24-Hour Playwriting Competition-winner Serunding, starring Aidli Mosbit.

Bicara Titian Budaya was inspired by the aforementioned Borak Arts Series which took place in George Town this year and saw strong Singaporean representation.

Aiming to reflect on the long relationship between Malaysia and Singapore, the forum serves as a community engagement program (if you’re reading The Daily Seni then you’re probably part of this community) and aims to connect both countries further, via communication between creative leaders.


But if nothing tickles your fancy, just consider: isn’t this the best occasion for Malaysians and Singaporeans in the creative industry to network and facilitate collaborations? Let’s not make the public wait fifty years for an excuse to present something like W!ld Rice‘s Another Country — participate, make friends, mingle, and you too can get Iedil Putra to go on stage in his underwear.

Founder and director of MyPAA, Izan Satrina noted that Malaysians and Singaporeans have already been collaborating, but she wanted stories of these joint efforts to spread so people become aware of the possibilities. Izan for now is just looking forward to having everyone under one roof.

“There’s a lot that Malaysian artistes can learn from their Singaporean counterparts and vice versa, but a platform that brings them all together isn’t always available — this dialogue would help in addressing this.”

We’ll leave you with the programme. Have a good look (or visit Facebook for a more detailed description) but take note that seats are limited and registration is essential. We hope to see you there!


Bicara Titian Budaya is a free admission platform taking place on 12 December 2o15 but due to limited space, participation is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Seat reservation can be made via Eventbrite. Early registrants will receive one complimentary ticket to Titian Budaya Night at Dewan Filharmonik Petronas on 8 December 2015 (for the first 30 registrants) and be in the running to win one complimentary pass (admits 2 pax) to Art Stage Singapore from 21 – 24 January 2016 or SingJazz Festival in March 2016. Enquiries can be addressed to My Performing Arts Agency at / / +603 6207 9566.


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