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From The Harem Of Justin Gedak We Bring To You “Strong But Flawed” Medieval Women

Justin Gedak is a digital artist who is specialized in fantasy portrait paintings. He was born in Langley British Columbia and grew up in the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver.

Don’t even think about it. This one’s married with two kids.

“Creating artwork has been a way of exploring the shadowy places existing within myself. A form of self-discovery in its own way. I’ve always said that coming up with my ideas is like pulling strange shapes out from a dark corner; not knowing what’s coming, but pulling anyway. With every creation comes a mystery to be explored. A story to be experienced. The not knowing of what comes next is what drives me forward. What pushes me to keep creating. To keep learning and growing. To never stop changing.”

Wise words, Justin.

ArtSlant reports that he does his thing using three things: Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom Tablet.10583064_1135420119818525_5877624948272127327_o

He describes the subjects of his fantasy as “strong and flawed women”. The characters in his artworks are gloomy – from a foreign land and desolate medieval times.

1973531_1116157748411429_5115111111328441785_o 11174719_1114021288625075_4793486507703960866_o 11334014_1124841584209712_1418062916700789207_o11221935_1127222790638258_1092591543824258050_o

Justin also gives the characters in his paintings a story that he writes.11334130_1122352701125267_3314250491296795239_o

Kastasia Asha Corr is a twenty-seven year old exiled witch preparing to make her first human sacrifice to the voices of the dead, but finds her plans ruined when she is abducted by a dark warrior, Agos Cre Sanatas, a man who has supposedly been hunting her for over a decade–and who refuses to say why she was taken, or where they are going.

As you can see, he has quite the imagination. We’d show and tell more but nanti batal puasa.

Check out Justin’s website for more visuals and texts.

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