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Evgeny Lushpin’s Hyper-Realistic Paintings Take Viewers Into Different Worlds

Evgeny Lushpin is a Russian painter whose incredible paintings are so realistic that most of us find ourselves transported to worlds we never could have imagined.


According to Draw As A Maniac, Evgeny uses the traditional techniques of the Russian Realism School. Evgeny achieves this hyper-real effect by paying great attention to the way light is painted, with the use of glazes.

Evgeny’s depiction of evening views are so mesmerizing that all we need to do is look at them to find ourselves already there with his subjects. He is adept at capturing the beauty of water and nature, combining it all into “a symphony of light and harmony” as according to his website.

Click here to view more of his works to escape the hustle of city life even if for just a while.

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