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Ronnie Hussein Debuts Solo Single “Dikoyak Waktu”, Gets Harassed By Media Members More Concerned About Hyper Act Drama

On Tuesday, Ronnie Hussein launched the rock-infused ballad “Dikoyak Waktu” in Chuckles, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail.

“Dikoyak Waktu” was written by Aepul of the Drama Band and is a 60bpm rock ballad that starts off as a piano-driven number. The downtempo song gives plenty of room for Ronnie to show off his vocal chops, although the humble singer tends towards a more controlled, restrained style of performance.

Ronnie also did an exclusive performance of “Dikoyak Waktu” for members of the media which met with a strong, positive response.

Baru-baru saja saya rakamkan lagu ini, lebih kurang tiga minggu lepas. Selepas saya diberhentikan kerja,” Ronnie spoke humorously.

Saya harap yang single solo saya ini akan dapat memberikan impak pada pendengar. Saya nak cuba dulu bergerak dengan solo. Kalau single saya dapat diterima peminat, ada kemungkinan yang saya akan keluarkan album solo juga.

Ronnie did an exclusive performance of “Dikoyak Waktu” for members of the press at Chuckles, TTDI.

Aepul also informed attendees that “Dikoyak Waktu” was about a love that cannot be spoken about between two very close people.

Despite the team’s best intentions, those in attendance were a lot more interested in the issues behind Ronnie’s ousting from Hyper Act. After initial questions concerning Ronnie’s songwriting and plans with the latest single, press members repeatedly asked him questions about his former band.

Ronnie kept his smile on throughout the question and answer session and answered to his best capabilities.

Kami telah sama-sama bincang dan buat keputusan yang benda ini patut berlaku supaya ia tidak menjadi masalah di masa hadapan,” he answered when asked about his departure from Hyper Act.

Benda ini biasa berlaku dalam band, cuma cara penyelesaian profesional atau tidak profesional.”

He stated that he is still in touch with his ex-bandmates even if they no longer work together. This in turn brought up questions about Hyper Act’s contract with Indigital and Ronnie’s relationship with the band.

Saya rasa benda ini perlu ditangani dengan profesional,” he said at one point.

Saya lebih selesa mendiamkan diri dan membiarkan statement-statement dari yang lain keluar dahulu supaya orang dapat menilai mana yang betul dan mana yang tak betul.

Saya rasa masalah saya dengan Hyper Act miscommunication saja.”

According to Ronnie, it wasn’t the Hyper Act members who decided to kick him out. He credits the debacle to unnamed third parties who meddled with the band.

After initial rounds of questioning were over, members of the press requested for another interview session to dig more information on the incident. Ronnie, good natured as always, accepted their demand and sat in a mini-round table session that saw him taking individual questions up close and personal.

More questions followed concerning Hyper Act, but by then Ronnie eased through them with a smile and occasionally even a laugh.

This was the first time Ronnie was addressing the press without his former bandmates. He admits that he’s not used to it. Going solo however, isn’t entirely an issue just yet for Ronnie.

Sebetulnya memang rasa sedikit janggal,” he opined.

Tapi saya rasa saya akan cuba biasakan diri dengan cara sebegini kerana buat masa ini, saya lebih selesa bergerak secara solo.

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