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Apple Music – More Hype? Non-Reactions from Deezer, Spotify and the Listening World

BE honest – how many of us have actually stayed tuned in to Apple‘s default page long enough to click on any of the candy-like goodies on display?

Well, at the start of last week, the latest mouth-watering product bite, Apple Music, released to a pretty indifferent response from both the public and the new contender’s competitors alike.

The USD$10 service came with a controversial three-month free trial (which Taylor Swift has since written a Dear John about, by way of depriving Apple of her new record); a built-in endorsement from its executive curator, music industry demagogue Jimmy Iovine; plus its own radio show, hosted by DJ Zane Lowe of BBC Radio fame (who may or may not be a household name soon – remember U2‘s free album giveaway which tanked last year?)

You also have to have an iPhone 6 for the complete experience, and there’s also been talk about this “one-stop destination” for streaming audio, radio and artist-listener interactivity totally changing up how modern music (read: .mp3s) forever – which will set off audiophiles – let alone the unsuspecting iTunes listener majority.

Wonder what Trent Reznor, the super-elite celebrity creative tech consultant to Iovine’s Beats Music (and perhaps the only guy to remain cool after this Apple Music thing takes off/blows over) thinks about this.

If Apple Music fails to win over the world’s music lovers, we’re looking at their second consecutive product bomb in under two years.

To recap, the global reactions from major music streaming pie-sharers included these gems:

“Oh ok.” – Spotify CEO Daniel Ek

“Welcome, Apple. Seriously… Welcome to the task.” – online radio provider Rdio, in a clever copy of a well-known old Apple move

“Apple Music’s launch was even lamer than Tidal‘s…” – New York Post

Whew. That last one – haterade much? Yet the silent treatment verdict from music consumers who have been uncharacteristically mute about the new offering on social med, suggesting that the hate, or lack of love, may not be all that unwarranted.

Mercifully, Deezer opted to be more objective and less damning, giving Apple Music a top dog’s benefit of the doubt.


Deezer CEO Hans-Holger Albrecht after the launch of Apple music at the start of the month commented that “the jury is out on Apple Music”, while dutifully plugging his own setup and faithfully looking out for number one.

“As we’ve grown, we’ve become experts in personalisation and curation by building our catalogue and expertise across the globe – in more than 180 countries. Ultimately, consumers will decide which streaming service meets their needs best – the biggest brand might not necessarily offer the best fit for them, and the jury is out on Apple Music,” says Albrecht.

“We know the streaming business. Deezer’s strategy is to provide the best audio offering. We’re prioritising things like sound quality, having the best choice in the market and the biggest and most diverse music catalogue in the world.”

Good talk Deezer. Apple Music, consider your ass checked.

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