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Top 10 Songs Of The Week – June 8, 2015

It’s top 10 hits of the week time again!

Guess what: Faizal Tahir‘s “Assalamualaikum” is back into the charts. Hazama‘s “Malaikat” stays in place but his “Sampai Mati” drops one spot to #8.

Mojo‘s “Roman Cinta” drops one and “Senyum” by Aziz Harun  goes up four spots to #6; Akim‘s “Mewangi” and Mojo‘s “Dashyat” both drop a spot.

Rising many spots and standing at #3 is Nanasheme‘s “Hantu Atau Buaya”. This YouTuber has it made for now, and all the way up she goes. Wonder if she will manage to compete with the top two and hit the hallowed #1. Hey, if Elizabeth Tan can do it…

For now though, Tan’s “Knock Knock” along with Akim & Majistret‘s “Potret” both stay put as the chart’s temporary king and queen.



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