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10 Random Questions with The Venopian Solitude

So it’s last call for ‘#Rombongan Nona Gila’, the album tour which has gone on since the start of the year and got under the skin of TVS fans old and new around the country.

Takahara Suiko a.k.a. The Venopian Solitude explodes tomorrow, May 24 at RUANG in Seksyen 16, Shah Alam to wrap up the recent Hikayat Perawan Majnun album tour, #RombonganNonaGila, along with her wacky-ass band in tow.

To put you in the mood, our writer Nazreen Abraham initiated “a random exploration of Venopia, and Takahara Suiko’s fortress of Solitude”…

11270532_1050246661671781_5494577802954401487_oShe’s the loudest dabbler of psycho-symphonic ramblings and extreme emotions; a hormonal she-Hulk surviving the ups and downs of this crazy life while attempting to calm her own butt down, and survive her own mind…

We sat Takahara Suiko a.k.a. The Venopian Solitude down for five minutes for a game of 20 questions (actually got to only about ten, but there were a lot of random-y detours). Here’s Taka…don’t miss the craziness tomorrow.

Now, I know you will never reveal your true name. And you have answered many times as to how you named yourself Takahara Suiko – but why the secret identity? Are you secretly fighting crime at night?

Haha, no. It’s just a matter of privacy. It’s a principle I live by. The alias ‘Takahara Suiko’ came about way back in Form 1 when MIRC chat rooms were the big thing and I was online most of the time and I was an anime-san… It just came about randomly.

According to Yahoo, Suiko was the wife of emperor Bidatsu and the first recorded empress of Japan in history. Did this come to play when choosing this alias?

No, I was not influenced by that nor do I see myself as any kind of royalty or anything. It was just a cool name that I liked which stuck till today. Besides, being ‘Takahara’ has allowed me to be as vocal as I want to be but yet keep me grounded. Especially bila mak panggil by my real name to tolong kat kitchen.

So is this persona you have just an act for the ‘Takahara’ character or are you really that nutty? Are you trying to hide a depression or something?

No, no. Well, everyone has a darkness in them that’s buried deep inside. To me it’s simple, when the camera is on I tend to become hyper most of the time but there have been videos where I’m not so “nutty”. Maybe people don’t see it that much since it’s the hyper videos yang attract their attention.

There this thing called the ‘pattern recognition’ theory in psychology where you only retain certain memories and connect them while completely ignoring the other variables. I guess that’s why people see me as eccentric because they only remember the hyper videos and think I’m putting up a facade when in reality all that is just their perspective.

Yeah. Like the Dude said, “That’s just your opinion, man”. So do you have any philosophy that you live by, do you have a favourite philosopher?

Woah, um. Entah. I guess I never really explored that much into philosophy and all, but if you want to count Yasmin Ahmad as a philosopher then I would go with her la.

Yasmin Ahmad, the filmmaker?

Yeah, there is this video on YouTube where she gave a talk at the Ted x KL conference. It really spoke to me and at a time I hafal the entire speech. She was also the reason why I read Lao Tzu’s Tao Teh Ching which was a very enlightening book.  This is just me harmlessly speculating la, tak la serious sangat but I think Lao Tzu, Buddha, the founder of Hinduism or all the other religions sebelum Islam could be prophets (also). They did state there was 2500 nabi-nabi (prophets) but never really listed them all down so there could be a possibility. But that is just my wishful thinking la.

Yes. That would be a beautiful truth to uncover.

Right. Everyone is equal and sama je. All worship the same God. Lain sikit-sikit. Different ideologies due to geographical and cultural influences but in the end it is same target. Be kind and do good deeds and stay away from negative agendas or inflicting harmful acts onto others. It’s better than this whole separation of the religions that keep thinking they’re better than the other only to divide the society even more, rather than bringing people together in a communal service.

Totally agree. That raises a good question, do you believe in reincarnation?


But if you could come back again after your death what would you like to be?

Uh, you know, I don’t know. Something from the abyss of the sea. (An) Anglofish maybe. Entah la, you ask me tomorrow I might say a puppy. Entah la dude.


On your Facebook page you put your current location as “the Space-Time Continuum”? So, if you could travel anywhere in time and space where would you go? 

Wow this in an interesting question. Um… Anywhere in time and space huh? I guess I would say the Eleventh Dimension. Bukan visit tapi nak jadi an eleventh dimensional being. It would be interesting to see the universe from that angle.

Nice. Now if you could live in any fictional world where would it be and why?

Harry Potter. No. Naruto. No. Bleach. No, urm… Tough question, banyak sangat to choose from. I think best would be Pokemon kot. Ya, I want to live in a Pokemon world! Why? Because an 11-year-old boy boleh travel around the world and go capture exotic creatures to train for battles.

And if you could keep one of the characters from that world as a pet in real life what would it be?

Mew. Mewto tak boleh jaga but Mew can.

Can you tell us a bit more about Venopia. Take us to that world.

Um, macam mana nak describe ah. It’s basically my own safe haven from normal life. The place itself, it has scenery macam kampung sikit but with a touch of a Studio Ghibli kind of fairytale world. It’s tough to describe it in detail but I know what it is. It is my place of solitude. Listen to my songs and get snippets of that world.



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