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Top 10 Songs Of The Week – May 18, 2015

This week’s music chart is out!

Sadly, the song that makes me smile, “Senyum” by Aziz Harun drops to the last spot on the chart. Meanwhile “Malaikat” by Hazama and Faizal Tahir‘s “Assalamualaikum” both go one step higher.

Hazama‘s “Sampai Mati” is a fresh entry which sees Joe Flizzow‘s “Apa Khabar” kicked out. Not so khabar baik for Joe this week. Also just in – Joe has decided to extend his London trip. All that just to focus on  the Konsert Malam Keajaiban Cinta with Datuk Rossa. Well that is just so sweet.

The chart-lasting band Mojo meanwhile has one song falling and another rising. Their “Roman Cinta” exchanges fifth spot with Nana Sheme‘s “Hantu Atau Buaya”. Meanwhile “Mewangi” by Akim switches its place with Mojo‘s “Dahsyat” at number four. 

At the top, Akim & The Majistret’s “Potret” and Elizabeth Tan‘s “Knock Knock” and are staying put at number one and two respectively. So these two are the ones to beat for now – be warned new chart pretenders!

Till next week, pop lovers.

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