Top 10 Songs Of The Week – May 11, 2015

The Daily Seni is back with the Top 10 Music of the Week. Lets see what we have on the list.

“Malaikat” by Hazama and Faizal Tahir‘s “Assalamualaikum” have both dropped one spot. Joe Flizzow‘s “Apa Khabar” drops to two. Now they both stand at ten nine and eight respectively, while “Senyum” by Aziz Harun stays put at number seven.

Since “Matahari” by Hafiz doesn’t make the cut, there’s room for a new nomination. Nana Sheme‘s “Hantu Atau Buaya” comes in to hit number six in this week’s chart. Nur Nabilah Binti Hashimi, with her first single “Permintaan Hati” also crashes the chart – this 18-year-old Sarawakian is another in a long line of Youtube covers stars. Let’s hope she won’t be another one hit wonder.

The fifth and sixth spot are reserved just for Mojo‘s “Dahsyat”and “Roman Cinta”, while going up to the third spot is “Mewangi” by Akim & The Majistret, followed by Elizabeth Tan‘s “Knock Knock” at number two. Akim & The Majistret’s “Potret” is staying put for the second week. Can anyone beat Elizabeth Tan’s? Tune in next week!

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