Top 10 Songs Of The Week – May 4, 2015

Top ten music is back. Nothing much happened this week since “Matahari” by Hafiz, “Malaikat” by Hazama and Faizal Tahir‘s “Assalamualaikum” stayed at ten, nine and eight respectively.

Did you know that Faizal Tahir is a former member of nasyid group, Mirwana? Well, these days he’s Mr. Rock! “Senyum” by Aziz Harun, Joe Flizzow‘s “Apa Khabar”, “Dahsyat” and “Roman Cinta” by Mojo and “Mewangi” by Akim & The Majistret are all staying put. That is one long list.

Elizabeth Tan‘s “Knock Knock” had been staying way too long at number one. So this week Akim & The Majistret’s “Potret” knocks down 22-year-old Tan Su Mei who enjoyed having her hit at #1 for seven weeks. A round of applause to the ex-number one, who grew up singing at church and around her family, for making a splash as long as she did.

Reigning top dog Afiq Hakim Ahmad started singing at the age of seven without any lessons, and that daring child has now made it into many fans hearts and even onto the big screen. The Majistret, the new band formed by Akim himself, now have their first single ‘Mewangi’ still in the top five.

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