iM4U Ends Nationwide Tour in Kuala Lumpur

Last Saturday, iM4U (1Malaysia for Youth) launched a media session to mark the end of their nationwide ‘Reach Out Convention and Celebration 2015’ tour.

This is the third year the celebrations has taken place. It was first organised at Taylor’s University in 2013 in an effort to help and nurture youth volunteerism and social activism amongst Malaysian youth.

According to CEO Rudy Malik, the decision to include motivational speakers and embed popular culture into iM4U is a form of experimentation.

“We always feel that to get youths to do things, you have to adapt popular culture into it. That’s my take on youth volunteerism and I think it’s working,” he stated during the opening speech.

Among those present and contributing to the event were Malaysian acts Froya, Nastia, Bunkface and motivational speaker Yahya Bakkar. There were also Youtube personalities such as Wong Fu Productions and the JRodTwins.

“Putting that kind of element into ‘Reach Out’ really brings something special out of it. You have inspirational speakers talking about things that really inspire people, and you have the sweetness, which is the performances and concerts.”

iM4U is a non-profit organisation and a platform for Malaysian youth to carry out volunteer and nation building activities that can benefit communities and social groups.

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